What If Your Emails End Up in My Junk or Spam Folder?

Occasionally, Google Gmail or other email systems will think the mail that my file portal, TaxDome, sends is spam or junk. The emails will not appear in your inbox but are moved to your spam or junk folder to protect you. 

For example, you might see this message in Gmail:

What to do when Gmail suspects emails from the file portal

If you see this message, click on the Look Safe button. 

You should also add these email addresses to your safe senders or email client's white list:

  • notifications@taxdome.com

  • do-not-reply@taxdome.com

  • mark@mstaxprep.com

Here are three articles that describe how to make sure emails are not marked as spam in GMAIL:




Please let me know if you have any other issues with emails from Mark Schwanbeck Tax Preparation.